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CalculateFaceOrientationsPerVertex Method (busyWindow, mesh, faceOrientations)
Visualisierung2Visualisierung2.MeshProcessingMeshSmootherCalculateFaceOrientationsPerVertex(BusyWindow, Mesh, array<Single>[]()[][])
Staircase-Aware Smoothing of Medical Surface Meshes
Maps per-face orientations to vertices in order to display them as per-vertex attributes.
Declaration Syntax
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public static float[] CalculateFaceOrientationsPerVertex(
	BusyWindow busyWindow,
	Mesh mesh,
	float[] faceOrientations
Public Shared Function CalculateFaceOrientationsPerVertex ( _
	busyWindow As BusyWindow, _
	mesh As Mesh, _
	faceOrientations As Single() _
) As Single()
static array<float>^ CalculateFaceOrientationsPerVertex(
	BusyWindow^ busyWindow, 
	Mesh^ mesh, 
	array<float>^ faceOrientations
busyWindow (BusyWindow)
If a BusyWindow instance is provided, the progress of the method is shown there. May be null.
mesh (Mesh)
The mesh to be processed.
faceOrientations (array<Single>[]()[][])
Per-face orientations relative to the stack orientation.
Return Value
The per-vertex face orientations relative to the stack orientation.

Assembly: Visualisierung2 (Module: Visualisierung2) Version: (