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Draw Method (frameCounter, elapsedTime)
Visualisierung2Visualisierung2.WindowEffectsSplitObjectEffectDraw(UInt64, Double)
Staircase-Aware Smoothing of Medical Surface Meshes
Divides the screen into different segments according to the different node lists and draws all drawable objects of each node list to a separate screen segment.
Declaration Syntax
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public override void Draw(
	ulong frameCounter,
	double elapsedTime
Public Overrides Sub Draw ( _
	frameCounter As ULong, _
	elapsedTime As Double _
virtual void Draw(
	unsigned long long frameCounter, 
	double elapsedTime
) override
frameCounter (UInt64)
Unique frame number.
elapsedTime (Double)
Elapsed time since the last application render call in milliseconds.

Assembly: Visualisierung2 (Module: Visualisierung2) Version: (