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CalculateDistanceToArtifacts Method (busyWindow, mesh, orientationThreshold, vertexOrientations, maximumOccurringTopologyDepthOut)
Visualisierung2Visualisierung2.MeshProcessingMeshSmootherCalculateDistanceToArtifacts(BusyWindow, Mesh, Single, array<Single>[]()[][], Int32%)
Staircase-Aware Smoothing of Medical Surface Meshes
Calculates the topological distance of each vertex to the closest artifact vertex in the mesh. An artifact vertex is defined as a vertex which has a vertex orientation greater than a predefined threshold.
Declaration Syntax
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public static float[] CalculateDistanceToArtifacts(
	BusyWindow busyWindow,
	Mesh mesh,
	float orientationThreshold,
	float[] vertexOrientations,
	out int maximumOccurringTopologyDepthOut
Public Shared Function CalculateDistanceToArtifacts ( _
	busyWindow As BusyWindow, _
	mesh As Mesh, _
	orientationThreshold As Single, _
	vertexOrientations As Single(), _
	<OutAttribute> ByRef maximumOccurringTopologyDepthOut As Integer _
) As Single()
static array<float>^ CalculateDistanceToArtifacts(
	BusyWindow^ busyWindow, 
	Mesh^ mesh, 
	float orientationThreshold, 
	array<float>^ vertexOrientations, 
	[OutAttribute] int% maximumOccurringTopologyDepthOut
busyWindow (BusyWindow)
If a BusyWindow instance is provided, the progress of the method is shown there. May be null.
mesh (Mesh)
The mesh to be processed.
orientationThreshold (Single)
The threshold for vertex orientations above which vertices are considered artifact vertices.
vertexOrientations (array<Single>[]()[][])
Per-vertex orientations relative to the stack orientation.
maximumOccurringTopologyDepthOut (Int32%)
An output parameter returning the highest topological distance counted while processing. The upper limit is MaximumTopologyDepth.
Return Value
The per-vertex minimum topological distance to an artifact vertex.

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