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AddNodeList Method (nodeList, initialization, label)
Visualisierung2Visualisierung2.WindowEffectsSplitObjectEffectAddNodeList(List<(Of <<'(RenderEffectNode>)>>), SplitObjectEffectElementDelegate, Label)
Staircase-Aware Smoothing of Medical Surface Meshes
Adds a list of RenderEffectNodes to the effect. Each list of nodes is drawn into an own screen segment.
Declaration Syntax
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public void AddNodeList(
	List<RenderEffectNode> nodeList,
	SplitObjectEffectElementDelegate initialization,
	Label label
Public Sub AddNodeList ( _
	nodeList As List(Of RenderEffectNode), _
	initialization As SplitObjectEffectElementDelegate, _
	label As Label _
void AddNodeList(
	List<RenderEffectNode^>^ nodeList, 
	SplitObjectEffectElementDelegate^ initialization, 
	Label^ label
nodeList (List<(Of <(<'RenderEffectNode>)>)>)
A list of RenderEffectNodes containing the drawable objects.
initialization (SplitObjectEffectElementDelegate)
A delegate that is called prior to drawing the objects of the list.
label (Label)
A label that is used as title for the screen segment. May be null.

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