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SmoothLaplace Method (busyWindow, mesh, loadingMode, iterations, weight, vertexSmoothingWeights)
Visualisierung2Visualisierung2.MeshProcessingMeshSmootherSmoothLaplace(BusyWindow, Mesh, LoadingMode, Int32, Single, array<Single>[]()[][])
Staircase-Aware Smoothing of Medical Surface Meshes
Applies a Laplacian filter to each vertex of the provided mesh to smooth it.
Declaration Syntax
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public static void SmoothLaplace(
	BusyWindow busyWindow,
	Mesh mesh,
	LoadingMode loadingMode,
	int iterations,
	float weight,
	float[] vertexSmoothingWeights = null
Public Shared Sub SmoothLaplace ( _
	busyWindow As BusyWindow, _
	mesh As Mesh, _
	loadingMode As LoadingMode, _
	iterations As Integer, _
	weight As Single, _
	Optional vertexSmoothingWeights As Single() = Nothing _
static void SmoothLaplace(
	BusyWindow^ busyWindow, 
	Mesh^ mesh, 
	LoadingMode loadingMode, 
	int iterations, 
	float weight, 
	array<float>^ vertexSmoothingWeights = nullptr
busyWindow (BusyWindow)
If a BusyWindow instance is provided, the progress of the method is shown there. May be null.
mesh (Mesh)
The mesh to be smoothed.
loadingMode (LoadingMode)
The steps necessary when reloading the smoothed mesh.
iterations (Int32)
The number of smoothing iterations to be performed.
weight (Single)
The Laplacian smoothing weight.
vertexSmoothingWeights (array<Single>[]()[][]) (Optional)
Per-vertex smoothing weights to be multiplied with the Laplacian smoothing weight to perform nonuniform smoothing. If this parameter is null, uniform smoothing is performed.

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