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MeshSmoother Class
Staircase-Aware Smoothing of Medical Surface Meshes
Offers parallelized mesh smoothing methods.
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public static class MeshSmoother
Public NotInheritable Class MeshSmoother
public ref class MeshSmoother abstract sealed
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CalculateCurvature(BusyWindow, Mesh)
Calculates the mean curvature of a mesh.

CalculateDistanceBetweenMeshes(BusyWindow, Mesh, Mesh, Single)
Calculates the local distances between each two corresponding vertices of two meshes with the same number of vertices.

CalculateDistanceToArtifacts(BusyWindow, Mesh, Single, array<Single>[]()[][], Int32%)
Calculates the topological distance of each vertex to the closest artifact vertex in the mesh. An artifact vertex is defined as a vertex which has a vertex orientation greater than a predefined threshold.

CalculateFaceOrientations(BusyWindow, Mesh, Vector3)
Calculates the orientation of each face of a mesh relative to a provided stack orientation as 1 - |dot(face normal, stack orientation)|.

CalculateFaceOrientationsPerVertex(BusyWindow, Mesh, array<Single>[]()[][])
Maps per-face orientations to vertices in order to display them as per-vertex attributes.

CalculateVertexOrientations(BusyWindow, Mesh, array<Single>[]()[][])
Calculates the vertex orientations based on the highest orientation change of adjacent faces relative to the stack orientation.

CalculateVertexSmoothingWeights(BusyWindow, Mesh, Single, Single, Int32, array<Single>[]()[][])
Calculates the staircase-aware smoothing weights based on the distance of each vertex to an artifact vertex.

The maximum topology depth taken into account when looking for the nearest artifact of a vertex in the topology.

SmoothLaplace(BusyWindow, Mesh, LoadingMode, Int32, Single, array<Single>[]()[][])
Applies a Laplacian filter to each vertex of the provided mesh to smooth it.

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