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CalculateDistanceBetweenMeshes Method (busyWindow, firstMesh, secondMesh, maximumLocalDistance)
Visualisierung2Visualisierung2.MeshProcessingMeshSmootherCalculateDistanceBetweenMeshes(BusyWindow, Mesh, Mesh, Single)
Staircase-Aware Smoothing of Medical Surface Meshes
Calculates the local distances between each two corresponding vertices of two meshes with the same number of vertices.
Declaration Syntax
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public static float[] CalculateDistanceBetweenMeshes(
	BusyWindow busyWindow,
	Mesh firstMesh,
	Mesh secondMesh,
	float maximumLocalDistance
Public Shared Function CalculateDistanceBetweenMeshes ( _
	busyWindow As BusyWindow, _
	firstMesh As Mesh, _
	secondMesh As Mesh, _
	maximumLocalDistance As Single _
) As Single()
static array<float>^ CalculateDistanceBetweenMeshes(
	BusyWindow^ busyWindow, 
	Mesh^ firstMesh, 
	Mesh^ secondMesh, 
	float maximumLocalDistance
busyWindow (BusyWindow)
If a BusyWindow instance is provided, the progress of the method is shown there. May be null.
firstMesh (Mesh)
One of the two meshes needed for the distance calculation.
secondMesh (Mesh)
One of the two meshes needed for the distance calculation. Must have the same number of vertices as firstMesh.
maximumLocalDistance (Single)
A value calculated from the original mesh's maximum extents in order to calculate a scale-invariant distance measure.
Return Value
The per-vertex local distance between firstMesh and secondMesh.

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